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human trafficking / Menschenhandel

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We're all supposed to have a good life, right? That's what many people think.

Today in Europe and some parts of America and other continents the wealth is huge. Many people around us don't have to suffer under violence, hunger and being treatened as if they (we) weren't worth a thing.

But there are others that are living poor. Some are forced to prostitution, some don't see another way out of there misery then selling ther child. Yes, right, their own child! The parents might have an idea of what is going to happen to their child. Maybe they don't. Maybe they hope nothing will happen to them and that the things the traders promise (school for children, good treatment, enough food) are not a lie.

Children have to suffer. They are getting sexually abused.

Circa 1.36 million human beings are ripped off in Asia and the pacific area. Mainly in sex-business... Half of them are children.

Now you might think:"Yeah, maybe that happens but it has nothing to do with us. We're far away of that."

WRONG. It also happens in other countries. Probably also in the country you are. EUROPEAN, AMERICAN AND OTHER PEOPLE are taking vacations (holydays) in Southeast Asia (and probably other places) to get their hands on kids, teens etc.

Pedophilia exists. It's a serious psychological problem. The people that have it can seem normal in their everyday life. They might even suffer under their affectation to children. I don't want to say, that it is okay to rape children. NOT AT ALL! THERE IS HELP FOR PEDOPHILES! Psychological instituitions etc. can help them dealing with teir problems. Pedophiles can be scared of getting help because they are judged so easily.


- There are many institutions that help people to get out of abuse. To build up a new life and that help the victims with their psychological problems. Such institutions are glad about every donation. Some might even need volunteers (probably something were you don't have direct contact to victims since that's very delicate and a professional is needed but something indirect )

- Tell other people about the problem and also about the psychological help pedophiles can get.

- Be creative and do something to open up the eyes of many people (benefit concert, yard sales to get money to donate etc.)

O P E N U P Y O U R H E A R T <3

17.1.13 22:53

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