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This time I'd like to talk to you about friends and love. How are we supposed to know who our real friends are? I mean there are 7.091 milliards of people out there right now. How are we supposed to find the right people?                                                                                        The hobbys are probably pretty important, I mean, you have to have something to do and talk about together, right. Another point is, that good friends have an open ear for you and want you to feel good. Friends that always want to compete with you might not be the right ones because being friends might suck out all your energy after a while. I allso have problems to trust people. After a while it needs a lot of energy to let them stay in my life. I just have some kind of issue with this. Not that I don't regret it after pushing them out of my life. In fact I'm pretty sad after it. It might be because there where so many people in my life that hurt me. Especially the ones I let in. Right now I've got to say that I think I found 3 really prescious friends and one that could become one. It's just allready hard again, not to push them out. But since I ended something that might have become something wonderfull I'm working on my trustissue. I'm fighting against my issue with friend- and relationships. Now more against the friendship issue. =)

Do you know the tv-serie "MY LIFE AS LIZ"? She's got a pretty complicated life. Ex-boyfriend that dumped her pretty bad and new boyfriend that will go on a tour for 3 month and great friends. She's not the typical perfect teenage-girl. Meaning: She's a nird but proud on being one. She's got that great friend Sally who always wants her to feel good and some other friends. Special might be that she's got only one female friend. What I wanted to say about her: Sometimes I wish my life would be more like hers. Friends that are always on my side and chear me up and that I can help as well. Men that are maybe complicated but that do great stuff and fight for her(me?). They really show her (me?) that they love her.

Romantic, naive and stupid? Maybe. But at least Liz exists, even if her life probably doesnt look the same in real as it does in the show. emotion

 So I wish every single one of those 7.091 milliard people out there a good time with or without a life like Liz'es.



12.11.12 15:35

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