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Today's my first day home after two weeks of appartment sharing. It feels good to have my bed again. The other one made my back hurt. I decorated the locker of a friend who had birthday, that friend was very excited about it.

Another friend is giving me strange feelings lately. She kind of gives me the feeling I'm being a bad friend or stupid or whatever but I was the one having the idea of throwing a surprising party for her. Think she doesn't know it. She thinks another friend organized it and this friend didn't say I was the one. My dad told me, there would always be people I don't understand or that confuse me. He told me to be wondering about them the actions they do in the first moment and then laugh about it. That's easier to say then to do.. =)

I'm feeling confused in general lately. There are times I feel awesome and times I could hide under my bed (if I'd fit under it) and never come out again. It's very difficult for me to trust other people and do things with others all the time.. It's as if after a while I'd had to build up a wall around me.

I took up jazz dance. I'm awfull! But it's so much fun, I really enjoy doing it.. ^^ My singing teacher told me I had made a huge jump in this year! I'm so happy to hear that and I love singing. I wish I had someone that plays an instrument and would make music with me, but I'm too shy to ask someone or make an announcement somewhere. Guess I'm scared I wouldn't be good enough for whoever offers me to make music with me. stupid I know but it is how it is. I'll get over it someday.

Enough for now.

Bye and have a nice eve,


2.11.12 17:38

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