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breaking my promises

I tell myself not to overeat myself, not to eat to much sweet stuff but I just don't stick to it

I feel insecure and without any personality at some days. Almost everyone around me seems to be more majure.. one of the worst part in this bad mood time is, that I'm criticizing everyone around me. But I'm not telling them what I think about them what's probably better. I WANT TO FIND MYSELF!! I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK IN HERE! I WANT TO BE PRETTY! I WANT TO HAVE MORE PERSONALITY!

So good mood, you're invited, come to me, come!

Hope dies as last..

25.10.12 18:36

Letzte Einträge: Days after days, what I found out, what I found out, messy day?, MY LIFE NOT AS LIZ.., human trafficking / Menschenhandel

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