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First thing: hi

Second thing: I should highlight this day in bright yellow, so many avatars on just one day:

First avatar: Parents are very annoying when they are in a stressed mood. You can do whathever you want, they won't appreciate it. Cooking dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning up. No reaction. Only thing you get is a headache because of their yelling and screaming at you.                                                 Only right thing to do in such a situation: Pretend you'd be listening and sing "London bridge is falling down" in your head.

Second avatar: Do your work as soon as possible. Otherwise you will regret it later. Just tell youself you're in a working mood and really mean it and.. tadaah your brain will believe it (yea, brains aren't that smart.. the brain can seriously trick itselfs..).

Third avatar: Give the world a chance and open up. If you always think that noone's interested in you and everyone is thinking bad of you you can't see what really is going on. Talk to the people in a nice way, tell them your problem and, puufff.. one problem less in your life. If you keep telling yourself that no one wants to be a good friend of you you're actually closing up, so that no one can be a good friend of you. Even if they wanted to.

Conclusion: "London bridge is falling down" in your head if someone's stressed (parents..)

Do work as soon as possible

Open up your mind and heart

Uuufff, that was a long one! My bed's waiting so goodbye internet and hello bed


25.9.12 22:52

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Rose / Website (7.10.12 16:17)
You don't know how much you helped me with your blogpost. It touched my heart, it made my day brighter. Thank you!

I will try this thing to trick my brain today, I have to clean up my flat. For "Do your work as soon as possible" it is probably already too late, it needed quite an effort and almost a 3/4 of my day to conquer my depression. But I will obey this tomorrow.

Your third avatar truly touched me, I don't know how to express my gratitude, but truly - you saved my heart today, you've shown me a way, although I thought, there would be no way out.
Thank you very much!

With new belief in a ray of hope and with a smile, I wouldn't have without you... Rose =)

(14.10.12 18:12)
Hi Rose (don't know if you'll read this but it might be, right?
I'm happy to hear that my avatars helped you. And if it didn't work out as easy as you imagined it would to live after the third one for example,don't forget: It's a huge step to get over our own inner temtation. I mean, we lived after them for a long time so it'll be hard to get rid of them.
Keep your head up. There is a way out .

Thanks a lot for your comment.
Have a very nice evening,

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