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Hi everyone =)

I opened up this blog, to write about my life. That's also what my last texts were about but today I decided to change that. I want to write about things in life that can be bether. Taht should be bether.

I want to write about crimes that happen in the world. About how we, how YOU can help. I don't think I can change the world. I don't think, many people will read on this blog. But maybe you'll read it and tell others about what you found out here.


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breaking my promises

I tell myself not to overeat myself, not to eat to much sweet stuff but I just don't stick to it

I feel insecure and without any personality at some days. Almost everyone around me seems to be more majure.. one of the worst part in this bad mood time is, that I'm criticizing everyone around me. But I'm not telling them what I think about them what's probably better. I WANT TO FIND MYSELF!! I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK IN HERE! I WANT TO BE PRETTY! I WANT TO HAVE MORE PERSONALITY!

So good mood, you're invited, come to me, come!

Hope dies as last..

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Parents are.. parents. Sometimes stupid and annoying, sometimes the best people in the world.

But what happens if the roles change? When a 18 years old teen suddenly feels like he / she has to listen to the mom and dad. To try solving there problems and to give them the joy of living back?

Then the teen wants to move out because he / she doesn't feel that save anymore.


Bye babylife, hello grown ups, how will I earn money to move out??

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First thing: hi

Second thing: I should highlight this day in bright yellow, so many avatars on just one day:

First avatar: Parents are very annoying when they are in a stressed mood. You can do whathever you want, they won't appreciate it. Cooking dinner, doing the laundry, cleaning up. No reaction. Only thing you get is a headache because of their yelling and screaming at you.                                                 Only right thing to do in such a situation: Pretend you'd be listening and sing "London bridge is falling down" in your head.

Second avatar: Do your work as soon as possible. Otherwise you will regret it later. Just tell youself you're in a working mood and really mean it and.. tadaah your brain will believe it (yea, brains aren't that smart.. the brain can seriously trick itselfs..).

Third avatar: Give the world a chance and open up. If you always think that noone's interested in you and everyone is thinking bad of you you can't see what really is going on. Talk to the people in a nice way, tell them your problem and, puufff.. one problem less in your life. If you keep telling yourself that no one wants to be a good friend of you you're actually closing up, so that no one can be a good friend of you. Even if they wanted to.

Conclusion: "London bridge is falling down" in your head if someone's stressed (parents..)

Do work as soon as possible

Open up your mind and heart

Uuufff, that was a long one! My bed's waiting so goodbye internet and hello bed


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Sometimes I get a really great feeling. The feeling of being very strong and really changing the things I don't like about me.. Today I had it, let's see where it will take me =)

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bad day

Did you ever want to say that this just was your worst day in your life? Now you know how I feel. But I can't say that because I know it would be a lie and there will probably come even worse days.


Hey! I'm not wearing black clothes everyday, I'm not onli listening to sad songs (and even if I was, what do you care?!). My inner voice just won't shut up. So I keep yelling at it BE QUIET!! JUST BE QUIET PLEASE!! It doesn't help so I'm sitting in a corner of my room, head stick between my knees and wipping forth and back, forth and back..

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She was sitting in an empty room.. all alone, feeling sick. She hoped to chuck up her entire personality so that she could put in a totally new one. Not one bought in a normal store or one that has been taken up on the street. No, a shimmery shiny one. One she could be seen with filled with proud. She was sitting and waiting. Hopefull. But it didn't work and she realised that a new personality wouldn't just come to her. It wouldn't! Exactly like hers she had now wouldn't leave without fighting. While breething in deeply she stood up. Trembling and walked out of the hiding place. Out into the brightness, where everyone could see her. She was ready to face and ban her fears. Knowing that this was the only way to finally get her true personality.

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What makes friends friends, how do we chose them? I don't have a clue, friends might be people that understand and accept you but what makes them accepting you?
Guess I have to keep looking for answers..

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