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Hi everyone =)

I opened up this blog, to write about my life. That's also what my last texts were about but today I decided to change that. I want to write about things in life that can be bether. Taht should be bether.

I want to write about crimes that happen in the world. About how we, how YOU can help. I don't think I can change the world. I don't think, many people will read on this blog. But maybe you'll read it and tell others about what you found out here.


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human trafficking / Menschenhandel

Hi there ^^

We're all supposed to have a good life, right? That's what many people think.

Today in Europe and some parts of America and other continents the wealth is huge. Many people around us don't have to suffer under violence, hunger and being treatened as if they (we) weren't worth a thing.

But there are others that are living poor. Some are forced to prostitution, some don't see another way out of there misery then selling ther child. Yes, right, their own child! The parents might have an idea of what is going to happen to their child. Maybe they don't. Maybe they hope nothing will happen to them and that the things the traders promise (school for children, good treatment, enough food) are not a lie.

Children have to suffer. They are getting sexually abused.

Circa 1.36 million human beings are ripped off in Asia and the pacific area. Mainly in sex-business... Half of them are children.

Now you might think:"Yeah, maybe that happens but it has nothing to do with us. We're far away of that."

WRONG. It also happens in other countries. Probably also in the country you are. EUROPEAN, AMERICAN AND OTHER PEOPLE are taking vacations (holydays) in Southeast Asia (and probably other places) to get their hands on kids, teens etc.

Pedophilia exists. It's a serious psychological problem. The people that have it can seem normal in their everyday life. They might even suffer under their affectation to children. I don't want to say, that it is okay to rape children. NOT AT ALL! THERE IS HELP FOR PEDOPHILES! Psychological instituitions etc. can help them dealing with teir problems. Pedophiles can be scared of getting help because they are judged so easily.


- There are many institutions that help people to get out of abuse. To build up a new life and that help the victims with their psychological problems. Such institutions are glad about every donation. Some might even need volunteers (probably something were you don't have direct contact to victims since that's very delicate and a professional is needed but something indirect )

- Tell other people about the problem and also about the psychological help pedophiles can get.

- Be creative and do something to open up the eyes of many people (benefit concert, yard sales to get money to donate etc.)

O P E N U P Y O U R H E A R T <3

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Hi there

This time I'd like to talk to you about friends and love. How are we supposed to know who our real friends are? I mean there are 7.091 milliards of people out there right now. How are we supposed to find the right people?                                                                                        The hobbys are probably pretty important, I mean, you have to have something to do and talk about together, right. Another point is, that good friends have an open ear for you and want you to feel good. Friends that always want to compete with you might not be the right ones because being friends might suck out all your energy after a while. I allso have problems to trust people. After a while it needs a lot of energy to let them stay in my life. I just have some kind of issue with this. Not that I don't regret it after pushing them out of my life. In fact I'm pretty sad after it. It might be because there where so many people in my life that hurt me. Especially the ones I let in. Right now I've got to say that I think I found 3 really prescious friends and one that could become one. It's just allready hard again, not to push them out. But since I ended something that might have become something wonderfull I'm working on my trustissue. I'm fighting against my issue with friend- and relationships. Now more against the friendship issue. =)

Do you know the tv-serie "MY LIFE AS LIZ"? She's got a pretty complicated life. Ex-boyfriend that dumped her pretty bad and new boyfriend that will go on a tour for 3 month and great friends. She's not the typical perfect teenage-girl. Meaning: She's a nird but proud on being one. She's got that great friend Sally who always wants her to feel good and some other friends. Special might be that she's got only one female friend. What I wanted to say about her: Sometimes I wish my life would be more like hers. Friends that are always on my side and chear me up and that I can help as well. Men that are maybe complicated but that do great stuff and fight for her(me?). They really show her (me?) that they love her.

Romantic, naive and stupid? Maybe. But at least Liz exists, even if her life probably doesnt look the same in real as it does in the show. emotion

 So I wish every single one of those 7.091 milliard people out there a good time with or without a life like Liz'es.



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messy day?

Today's been a good day for me. Been in a good mood, had to get up early and carry around stuff for the school theatre (yeey theatre!), talked to friends and blabla tadaah: good day.

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what I found out

Hi there

Everyone has its bad times.. Some when they are teenagers, some when they are grown ups or children. We often don't really want to get out of this bad mood, because humans are generally very comfteble and don't want to make changes. In such situations it needs a lot of strength to get out of the bad mood. It's not wrong to get help of a psychatrist or someone like that.


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what I found out

Hi there

Everyone has its bad times.. Some when they are teenagers, some when they are grown ups or children. We often don't really want to get out of this bad mood, because humans are generally very comfteble and don't want to make changes. In such situations it needs a lot of strength to get out of the bad mood. It's not wrong to get help of a psychatrist or someone like that.


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Days after days


Today's my first day home after two weeks of appartment sharing. It feels good to have my bed again. The other one made my back hurt. I decorated the locker of a friend who had birthday, that friend was very excited about it.

Another friend is giving me strange feelings lately. She kind of gives me the feeling I'm being a bad friend or stupid or whatever but I was the one having the idea of throwing a surprising party for her. Think she doesn't know it. She thinks another friend organized it and this friend didn't say I was the one. My dad told me, there would always be people I don't understand or that confuse me. He told me to be wondering about them the actions they do in the first moment and then laugh about it. That's easier to say then to do.. =)

I'm feeling confused in general lately. There are times I feel awesome and times I could hide under my bed (if I'd fit under it) and never come out again. It's very difficult for me to trust other people and do things with others all the time.. It's as if after a while I'd had to build up a wall around me.

I took up jazz dance. I'm awfull! But it's so much fun, I really enjoy doing it.. ^^ My singing teacher told me I had made a huge jump in this year! I'm so happy to hear that and I love singing. I wish I had someone that plays an instrument and would make music with me, but I'm too shy to ask someone or make an announcement somewhere. Guess I'm scared I wouldn't be good enough for whoever offers me to make music with me. stupid I know but it is how it is. I'll get over it someday.

Enough for now.

Bye and have a nice eve,


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failure, moodswings

Lately I'm not feeling good. DM gives me strength, went through the same things I did and am still going through.

Watching in the mirror gives me psychological (and physical) pain. I just hate my tummy, I look like Winnie Poo or the big sized Buddah. I'm trying to lose weight again. It's difficult. My face is full of pimples what I hate (who doesn't?). All together I just feel very uncomftable in my skin right now.

I'm trying to relate and trust my friends but it's hard. Sometimes I feel like they were angry at me or annoyed because of me and I don't know why.. Maybe it's just in my head but it might just as well be real. I mean, my last friends were all talking behind my back. The ugly truth.

Tomorrow I organised a surprise halloween-afterbirthday party for a friend. Now I feel guilty because another friend has to put the decorations up. She's kind of pissed.

My mood swings enormousely. I don't know why. Today I had a ferric-transfusion. It took 25 minutes instead of 15.. It was kinda cosy but wasted time as well.

Today I skipped school to do my homework that I didn't do because of the partyorganisations and I'm living in a house with friends at the moment what means I was chatting with them instead of doing anythin. The only thing that really annoys me is, that I've got the impression that I'm doing the cleaning up of the kitchen most of the time.

And I'm worried about the Hurricane in NY.. I don't want anything to happen to the people I know there....! So good luck to them. They are great people so I think they do have an angel guarding them. <3

by bye



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