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She was sitting in an empty room.. all alone, feeling sick. She hoped to chuck up her entire personality so that she could put in a totally new one. Not one bought in a normal store or one that has been taken up on the street. No, a shimmery shiny one. One she could be seen with filled with proud. She was sitting and waiting. Hopefull. But it didn't work and she realised that a new personality wouldn't just come to her. It wouldn't! Exactly like hers she had now wouldn't leave without fighting. While breething in deeply she stood up. Trembling and walked out of the hiding place. Out into the brightness, where everyone could see her. She was ready to face and ban her fears. Knowing that this was the only way to finally get her true personality.

19.9.12 20:59

Letzte Einträge: Days after days, what I found out, what I found out, messy day?, MY LIFE NOT AS LIZ.., human trafficking / Menschenhandel

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